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Medscheck – Medication Reviews

We at Wincare Drug Mart commit ourselves to our patients’ health and overall well-being. Thus, we conduct medication reviews to help them understand their medications, how they work, and their potential side effects. A one-on-one appointment between our pharmacists and patients will range from 20 to 30 minutes. However, some patients may have to attend follow-up medication reviews within the year.

This program is for Ontarians who are taking three or more medications at once for a chronic condition, diabetes patients, and home-bound individuals. During the appointment, we will assess how and what they understand about their medications. We will also look into the efficacy of their medications and provide consultation for lifestyle and diet modifications. If needed, we may also have to work with your doctors to resolve health-related issues and promote better medication results.

Medication Review for Diabetes

This program is for individuals who are diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. We also cater to patients who are newly diagnosed with diabetes and take not more than three medications. The goal of this program is to promote effective disease management through well-guided medication therapy.

Medication Review at Home

Our pharmacists conduct in-home medication reviews for patients who take at least three prescribed medications to manage their chronic conditions. Most of these patients are home-bound and unable to travel to and from their community pharmacy due to physical limitations or mental health complications.

This program involves regularly visiting a patient’s home for an in-depth consultation about their medications. Furthermore, our pharmacists perform an assessment summary to clean up a patient’s medicine cabinet and remove unused medicines and dispose of properly at the pharmacy.

Our in-home medication review program aims to:

  • Improve and optimize drug therapy for the elderly, those living in isolated environments, and frail patients
  • Achieve safe, effective, and appropriate use of all medication devices
  • Promote healthier patient outcomes and a better quality of life
  • Ensure proper disposal of unused or expired medications

Compliance Packaging

Patients who take more than three medications regularly can, sometimes, find difficulties with taking their prescriptions on time and at the right dosage. Hence, our pharmacists analyze how often should the medicines be taken and dispense them in blister packs in daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly packages. There’s no charge for patients who qualify for this service.

Flu Shot

The flu season can affect people of all ages. Thus, everyone must get vaccinated annually to fight off the flu and its symptoms. Our pharmacists are trained to conduct influenza vaccine shots provided by the Ontario government. Flu shots are usually provided from the end of October until the end of February. There is no charge of a flu shot and is available for patients aged five and above. No prior appointment is required.

Specialty Compounding

Does your child despise the bitterness of his medications? Do you require medicines at a specific dosage? Or are your prescriptions no longer available in the market? However you’d need your medication to be, our compounding services can help you modify your meds’ formulations. Compounding can help you add or reduce your medicine’s dosage, turn pills into syrups, add flavors to meds, and produce unique formulas for rare medications.

Free Local Delivery

Health & Wellness

Our commitment to our patients’ health and wellness is the backbone of our pharmacy practice. Our well-versed pharmacists can educate you about issues, techniques, and practices to stay healthy. We also provide clinical advice for patients suffering from obesity, health disease, and smoking addiction as well as offer natural health products, blood pressure monitoring, and specialized diabetes services.


If you wish to learn more about our pharmacy services, please leave us a message on our contact form at any time.